Honesty, integrity and reliability: these are the values that characterize Farmol and determine its conduct in both internal and external relations.

Farmol has defined an important sustainability plan to ensure a better quality of life, now and for generations to come. The pillars defined to reach this objective are Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Environmental Sustainability: Several improvements have been implemented, and others are in the process of being introduced in order to reduce the environmental impact of our sites. This means reducing CO2 emissions and energy use, using renewable energy, and reducing wastes produced during manufacturing steps.

Social Responsibilities: Corporate Social Responsibility means a company’s commitment to pursuing a sustainable development model. In other words, it is a form of corporate self regulation able to combine ethical standards and regulations with our business. Farmol is involved in this commitment, adopting and promoting values and behaviors able to encourage a positive impact on the environment and a continued freedom to innovate in a responsible way.