Thanks to wide-ranging manufacturing experience, Farmol is advanced in producing quality aerosols, liquids and specialty products.


Powders suspensions, ethanol solutions, emulsions, solutions prepared at room or hot temperature.
All Liquid and Compressed gases.
Cans diameter from 35mm to 65mm, cans volume from 20 ml to 1000ml, aluminum and tin plate cans, bag on valve cans, customization of outercases (thermo-filmed trays, standard American box, shelf ready box).


Viscous solutions and cremes, emulsions, solutions prepared at room or high temperature.
Bottles size from 50 ml to 10 Lt, HDPE, PP and PET bottles, triggers technologies, bottle with “duck” necks, management of peroxides, bleach, enzymes.
In-House bottles blowing through Serioplast, Farmol’s sister company and european leader in plastic production.


Vessels from 200Kg to 30.000Kg, mutiple level blades, turbines, hot and cool jacketed, under vacuum and high viscous preparations.
Rotative and linear machines, volumetric and gravimetric control, spraycap orientation capability, insert and spout application, wetglue/self-adhesive/sleeve/wrap-around labeling.
Demineralized water through reverse osmosis.
Ozonized water.